Welcome To Activate

Activate Fitness & Nutrition are a unique team of experienced, university trained and highly qualified practitioners including sports dietitians, sports scientists, exercise physiologists, and personal fitness trainers. We provide quality, evidence-based advice, services and support on all aspects of nutrition and exercise for sport and health optimisation. We offer services to individuals, groups, and corporate clientele.

Activate Fitness & Nutrition is owned and operated by Rob (Exercise Physiologist) and Kate Battocchio (Sports Dietitian & Exercise Physiologist).  We and our team are passionate about good food; we live and breathe fitness, sports and exercise; and are here to support you to achieve optimum performance and sustainable healthy lifestyles.

We specialize in providing completely individualised and tailored services. You will not receive a generic one-size-fits all meal plan, training session, exercise program or seminar. Our services are delivered in consultation with you; around your goals, your body, and your lifestyle.

At Activate we believe that eating well and moving more is the key to living better lives. Our mission is to equip people from ages, stages, and backgrounds with the skills and knowledge to eat, move, and live long, happy, healthy lives. Activate your life now: eat, move, live!